Professor Gillian Stewart and PhD student Yi Tang’s paper featured as the Editors’ Highlight of Biogeosciences in EOS

Professor Gillian Stewart and her PhD student Yi Tang recently had their paper titled “Radionuclide Data from GEOTRACES Improve Particle Flux Estimates” featured as the Editors’ Highlight for the Biogeosciences section of EOS. In the paper, Dr. Stewart, Yi Tang, and the other authors present their findings of radioisotope data from the U.S. GEOTRACES expedition across the North Atlantic and discuss how this improves the understanding of the elemental budgets in the global ocean. The paper is a major synthesis of GEOTRACES findings over the last 10 years and presents this radioisotope data for the first time ever.

Click here if you would like to read the Editors’ Highlight
Click here if you would like to read the full paper

Research from Dr. Gregory O’Mullan and Dr. Jeffrey Bird featured in City Limits article

Research from a paper by Dr. Gregory O’Mullan, Dr. Jeffrey Bird, and lead author Dr. Brian Brigham was featured in the popular non-profit New York City focused news outlet City Limits. The article, titled New York’s Sewer Overflows Could be Contributing to Climate Change, explores the consequences of greenhouse gas emissions from combined sewer overflows.

The original study can be found here.

Professor Gregory O’Mullan’s recent study featured by the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Professor Gregory O’Mullan’s recent study examining sewage contamination in the Hudson River estuary was featured by the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science). The study, titled Patterns of sediment-associated fecal indicator bacteria in an urban estuary: Benthic-pelagic coupling and implications for shoreline water quality, shows that sewage-born fecal bacteria occur in much higher quantities in near-shore sediments of the Hudson River than in the water itself.

The news article can be read here and the original study can be read here.

Visit Dr. O’Mullan’s faculty page to learn more about him and see more of his publications.

Professor Dianne Greenfield Published in Limnology and Oceanography

Professor Dianne Greenfield of the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences along with a former student have published an article titled “The influences of nitrogen form and zooplankton grazing on phytoplankton assemblages in two coastal southeastern systems” in the journal Limnology and Oceanography.

Visit Dr. Greenfield’s faculty page to learn more about her and to read more of her publications.

SEES Alum Patrick Beaudry and Professor Marc-Antoine Longpré Publish Article in Nature Communications

A SEES alumni, Patrick Beaudry, and Professor Marc-Antoine Longpré have published their paper titled “Degassing-induced fractionation of multiple sulphur isotopes unveils post-Archaean recycled oceanic crust signal in hotspot lava“. Their research, published in Nature Communications, examines sulphur isotope measurements in magmatic sulphides, silicate melt inclusions and matrix glasses from the recent eruption of a hotspot volcano at El Hierro, Canary Islands.

Visit Dr. Longpré’s faculty page to learn more about him and read more of his publications.

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