Geology Undergraduate Programs

Geology Major (BA and BS)

The School of Earth and Environmental Sciences offers Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a Bachelor of Science (BS) majors for students seeking rewarding careers as scientists studying Earth processes; identifying and solving environmental problems; K-12 and higher teaching; and a surprisingly large number of areas in which geoscientists are needed (for example, law, mineral resource exploration, production, and finance; environmental insurance); and a wide range of City, State, and Federal agencies. Salaries are excellent, job openings are plentiful, and a grant from the National Science Foundation will help you complete your degree and move on to geoscience employment or graduate school.

The geology major balances deep-earth and surface processes with an emphasis on applications to environmental problems. We believe that you learn geology by doing geology, and so you will learn geology where geologists do geology—in the field as well as in the laboratory. You will be able to work alongside our faculty on their research projects, or design and carry out your own research project with our help. Students planning to major in the School will be assigned an advisor with whom they should consult frequently.


Bachelor of Science in Geology

The Geology BS is designed for students seeking careers in the technical aspects of the geosciences such as geological and environmental consulting, mineral and energy resource exploration and production, or a career in academic, industrial, or museum based research. BS majors have an extensive background in geologic and associated sciences and are encouraged to become involved in research throughout their undergraduate careers by serving as research assistants to faculty or independent researchers under faculty mentoring. The BS major meets educational requirements for the new NY State professional geology licence and has helped alumni enter the most prestigious graduate programs in the nation as well as exciting jobs throughout the world.
Course requirements for a BS in Geology


Bachelor of Arts in Geology

The Geology BA major is designed for students considering a non-technical career in the geosciences including teaching, environmental law, insurance, finance, journalism, etc. Required courses provide a broad background in the geosciences from the deep Earth to the oceans and atmosphere, and emphasize not only what we have learned about our planet but also how we have learned it. Our majors learn in the laboratory as well as the classroom, but most importantly, in the field where we apply that classroom learning to answering questions about how Earth has evolved over its 4.6 billion year history.
Course requirements for a BA in Geology


Minor in Geology

Excited about aspects of Geology such as fossils, gemstones, moving continents, or natural disasters but are attracted to a different major? Consider a minor in Geology to increase your knowledge and interest in your favorite topics while becoming a doctor, accountant, or lawyer. Requirements for the Geology minor include Geology 101 and any five Geology courses numbered above 200.

For more information. please contact:

Allan Ludman: Geology undergraduate Advisor
Phone: 718-997-3324
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