Global Learning and Observation to Benefit the Environment

GLOBE is a K-12 program to improve science education by involving students and their teachers in world-wide research examining long-term global change. We train teachers to provide authentic, inquiry-based science education for their students. In addition to GLOBE teacher training workshops, GLOBE NY Metro directs Into the Woods and the Metropolitan Alliance.

GLOBE+Queens College Collaboration

Queens College’s Dr. Allan Ludman and New York’s Con Edison are true “GLOBE Stars” at the center of GLOBE NY’s Metro Partnership. Queens College is the GLOBE Partner for southern New York State, responsible for introducing and supporting GLOBE in the five borough’s of New York City as well as Nassau county, Suffolk county, southern Westchester. Con Edison is one of New York City’s major energy providers, serving the largest school system in the nation, New York City public schools.

Queens College became a GLOBE Partner in the Spring of 2001 and has already trained GLOBE teachers from over 150 schools, environmental centers, and agencies in all five boroughs of the city as well as the three surrounding counties.

Con Edison Partnership

GLOBE NY Metro’s initial approach to the corporate community was, of course, for financial support. Financial support has led to potentially even more valuable forms of assistance from one of New York City’s major energy providers, ConEdison. As “ConEd” revamped its long-range philanthropy to emphasize two areas, environment and education, they made GLOBE NY Metro a centerpiece of their philanthropy. In addition to providing increasing amounts of financial support each year, ConEd has presented certificates to each school at GLOBE NY Metro graduation ceremonies; made a magnificent conference/learning center available for GLOBE activities; and has identified other corporations that share their environmental vision and therefore could be potential supporters of GLOBE activities.

Office Information

Director: Allan Ludman
Office: Science Building E-204
Phone: 718-997-3324

Associate Director: Peter Schmidt
Office: Queens Hall 258B
Phone: 718-997-4268

Program Specialist: David Jakim
Phone: 516-509-3294

GLOBE Website

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